Sunday, September 24, 2006

ADD-ONS: The Advantage of Open Source Browser
Take advantage of plugins available for Firefox

What browser are you using?
Let's say you're using the closed source web browser - you know what I'm talking about, the most used browser, you're living a miserable life (really!). What if you want to download big files? Then you have to purchase one of those download manager or use their shareware version full of adware! What if you are not satisfied with the current features of your browser? You're stuck with it unless you decided to use more flexible browser!

Now let's say you're using Firefox...
You needed a download manager: no problemo, you just have to install a plug-in that will be integrated to your Firefox. First visit and look for a plugin named DownThemAll. You don't even need to buy one or download a shareware download manager and then crack it with a keygen and live dangerously!

There is a lot of features you can add to Firefox, it all start by visiting and clicking 'add-ons'. My favorite includes, These are the best plugins (in my opinion):

Allpeers: If you decided to make your Firefox a powerhouse for P2P file sharing then install this plugin. This plugin is ideal for sharing videos, pictures and webpages. You can even create your own sharing community. This plugin changed the face of P2P world and also the usability of Firefox.

VideoDownloader: You've been watching you're favorite anime or tv show on outube, Google, Metacafe, iFilm and Dailymotion. Now you want to download the video but it is not that simple. Actually in other browser (you know again what I am talking about!) it is not simple! But not if you're using Firefox. Install a plugin called VideoDownloader! You can then use DownThemAll again to download the video. I suggest you install VLC media player to play the video. You may need to rename the file to .flv to play it.

DownThemAll: You already know why you need download manager, so you can resume downloads! But I noticed that it also accelerates my downloads! This is a 'must have' so install it now!

That was just three! but there's a lot more at! try also changing the theme of your browser! you'll find cool themes for firefox!

Friday, September 08, 2006


I was running the livecd of PCLinuxOS 0.93a Junior. I tried to connect to the internet using tkpppoe - it's gui based but it failed to. I opened the terminal and typed pppoe but still no lack. It only displayed garbages (in ubuntu, pppoe works).

Finally I typed 'pppoed-setup', it prompted for username, pword etc. Then, I typed (after running pppoe-setup) 'pppoe-start' and presto! I am connected!

To stop the the connection type (on the terminal) 'pppoe-stop'.

This guide works if you're dsl connection requires username and password.
If your ISP configured your dsl-modem to automatically connect and they configured your username and pword in the modem, this guide may be unnecessary.

Sunday, August 20, 2006


Here's how you do it...

> Open terminal/shell and enter the following:

sudo pppoe

That's all, if you use the help on Ubuntu and search dsl, you'll find this topic.

A step-by-step wizard will help you connect to the internet thru dsl after entering this command. You may need to know your username and password. Contact your ISP for your username and password if you do not know it.
Grabbing videos on youtube using Firefox!
How to download flash objects and other embedded objects

Have you been watching videos on youtube lately? Do you want to download the video so you can view it locally but unfortunately you did not find any button or links on the page that will save the video locally? Don't get upset, there's a solution for that!

First you have to install Firefox, you can download it here. Then you have to install a plugin called VideoDownloader, you can find it here. I also suggest that you download Flashgot, if you have download manager such as: GetRight and Internet Download Manager. Flashgot will enable you to use your external download manager so you can resume downloads later.

After installing Firefox and VideoDownloader, (note: you have to restart Firefox after installing plugins) browse youtube and view the video you want to download, you don't need to finish viewing or streaming the video. You just need to open the page that plays the video. Then on status bar you'll find a button that looks like this:
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Then a pop-up window will appear!

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Click "Download link" and this dialogbox will appear:
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

If you have Getrigh and/or other external download manager installed, you're dialog box will look different from this one. If you select Flashgot, then you can use your external download manager. You'll notice that you can choose your external download manager!

You can also use this guide not only for youtube, but also on other webpages that has an embedded video object or flash object or other embedded object! Thanks to Firefox for making the software opensource, this makes it easy for developers to develop useful plugins for the browser!

Whhooops! Another NOTE: If you downloaded from youtube, you have to rename your file to .flv extension, then you have to download flv player to play the file!

That's all for this guide! Or you can call it Firefox tips. Thanks for reading!

UPDATE: I just found out that it's hard to do this if you choose Getright, but it works with IDM. dah--- it also works for the internal download manager of Firefox, but you can not resume your download if it gets interrupted. Just use your prefer way of downloading...

Sunday, August 13, 2006


My graphics card is manufactured by Inno3d, they gave me CD that contains the driver for the card. Actually, they are using the chipset of NVIDIA GFORCE MX (I really don't remember the model). The CD is only for Windows.

The problem is my monitor, it is a second rate cheap monitor (Don't ask for the brand name, I don't want to screw their business). After months of using it, the monitor beame dark, I tried to adjust the brightness and hue using the buttons on the monitor but it did not help me. The monitor is broken.

This problem can be solved easily on your Windows system, NVIDIA provided a utitlity to adjust the gamma and brightness of your system, which is included on the CD (or if you download the driver from their website). It is also no pain if you're using Kubuntu or Xubuntu, you can solve this using the GUI. Just browse your system settings and I'm sure you'll find it (if you have a good common sense, I'm sure you are).

But on my Ubuntu Dapper, I am not able to solve it using the GUI. But no need to panic. I just used the help documentation (not on the Internet,it is the help that is included when you install Ubuntu, you can also call it the manual) and search "gamma". It returns a topic named xgamma then I click on it. This is one of the great things in Ubuntu - nice documentation. After reading the manual I opened the terminal and entered the following:

xgamma -gamma 1.75

That's all! now my monitor looks better.
If you want more configuration using xgamma, I believe you can read it's manual by entering this on your shell:

man xgamma

I hope you find this useful.

Saturday, August 12, 2006

What is your OS? Do you use ONLINE OS?
Using AJAX environment, a web-based operating system was possible....

Linux fever hits the internet recently and I was also infected. I tried few distros including Ubuntu, SuSE (now openSUSE, the other one is SUSE Linux, go to their website to know their difference), KNOPPIX etc. Usually I only try the LiveCD version. I stick with Ubuntu because it's 100% free and it has a good community support (not to mention their nice documentation, yep - I installed ubuntu to my hard drive).

At first I was impressed that linux runs on CD without having to install it on my Harddrive! Moblity - that's the word. Very portable OS (like PCLinuxOS) became my pocket's friend. Just carry the LiveCD and a usb pen dirve (others call it usb flash drive).

But what is more portable than a web based OS? Is it possible - Having a storage and a set of application online? Not until YouOS dared to do it! You can create documents online, save it on the web and re-open it on the web. Hundreds of applicatin are available (soon it will be thousands). Use your own unique personal OS at the school, at internet cafe and even at the office (if your working already), or even in your friends PC (who restricts you for modifying your system settings. All you need is a web browser with good AJAX support, it will also be nice if you have Java(JRE) and Shockwave Flash in your system because some of application use them.

I am just waiting for a good media player to be available. They already have games available for installation, word processor, speadsheet and more office application and also IM.

It still is in beta stage so it is not perfected yet but it is already usable. NICE WORK! KEEP IT UP!

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

visit them at:
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