Sunday, August 13, 2006


My graphics card is manufactured by Inno3d, they gave me CD that contains the driver for the card. Actually, they are using the chipset of NVIDIA GFORCE MX (I really don't remember the model). The CD is only for Windows.

The problem is my monitor, it is a second rate cheap monitor (Don't ask for the brand name, I don't want to screw their business). After months of using it, the monitor beame dark, I tried to adjust the brightness and hue using the buttons on the monitor but it did not help me. The monitor is broken.

This problem can be solved easily on your Windows system, NVIDIA provided a utitlity to adjust the gamma and brightness of your system, which is included on the CD (or if you download the driver from their website). It is also no pain if you're using Kubuntu or Xubuntu, you can solve this using the GUI. Just browse your system settings and I'm sure you'll find it (if you have a good common sense, I'm sure you are).

But on my Ubuntu Dapper, I am not able to solve it using the GUI. But no need to panic. I just used the help documentation (not on the Internet,it is the help that is included when you install Ubuntu, you can also call it the manual) and search "gamma". It returns a topic named xgamma then I click on it. This is one of the great things in Ubuntu - nice documentation. After reading the manual I opened the terminal and entered the following:

xgamma -gamma 1.75

That's all! now my monitor looks better.
If you want more configuration using xgamma, I believe you can read it's manual by entering this on your shell:

man xgamma

I hope you find this useful.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm less than an hour into my Ubuntu experience, and this was the biggest obstacle I'd anticipated. Ubuntu installed faster than Windows, recognized all of my driver needs correctly, and was updated in under ten minutes... but a crappy monitor is a crappy monitor, and no OS can fix THAT problem.

The gamma adjustment method offered here worked for me on this 10-year-old Compaq monitor - thanks!!

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