Sunday, September 24, 2006

ADD-ONS: The Advantage of Open Source Browser
Take advantage of plugins available for Firefox

What browser are you using?
Let's say you're using the closed source web browser - you know what I'm talking about, the most used browser, you're living a miserable life (really!). What if you want to download big files? Then you have to purchase one of those download manager or use their shareware version full of adware! What if you are not satisfied with the current features of your browser? You're stuck with it unless you decided to use more flexible browser!

Now let's say you're using Firefox...
You needed a download manager: no problemo, you just have to install a plug-in that will be integrated to your Firefox. First visit and look for a plugin named DownThemAll. You don't even need to buy one or download a shareware download manager and then crack it with a keygen and live dangerously!

There is a lot of features you can add to Firefox, it all start by visiting and clicking 'add-ons'. My favorite includes, These are the best plugins (in my opinion):

Allpeers: If you decided to make your Firefox a powerhouse for P2P file sharing then install this plugin. This plugin is ideal for sharing videos, pictures and webpages. You can even create your own sharing community. This plugin changed the face of P2P world and also the usability of Firefox.

VideoDownloader: You've been watching you're favorite anime or tv show on outube, Google, Metacafe, iFilm and Dailymotion. Now you want to download the video but it is not that simple. Actually in other browser (you know again what I am talking about!) it is not simple! But not if you're using Firefox. Install a plugin called VideoDownloader! You can then use DownThemAll again to download the video. I suggest you install VLC media player to play the video. You may need to rename the file to .flv to play it.

DownThemAll: You already know why you need download manager, so you can resume downloads! But I noticed that it also accelerates my downloads! This is a 'must have' so install it now!

That was just three! but there's a lot more at! try also changing the theme of your browser! you'll find cool themes for firefox!


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